Dogplace-Landgraaf, has over the years been able to provide a good sportsdog, and thereby a good name.

Almost all descendents have been more than excellent in the KNPV-sport. 

The history of Dogplace-Landgraaf started in 1997 with "Robby".
(Bloodline Robby of Dhr. J. Tinnemans and Brenda, Dhr. H. Wehrens)
With help from Dhr. W. Janssen, te Schinveld, Robby was combined with different
bloodlines and his potential appeared to be super.

As a witness, young Robby's participated in 2003-2004-2005 and in 2006, in the Dutch Championships in
Den Bosch and a whole line of certificats being achieved by their owners.

 Robby, who had more drive in all disciplines, has now a.d. 2004 more then
over 400 descendents.

 The fact, that this unique bloodline provides the ideal sportsdog, that
every owner wishes to have, is proven by Dhr. W. Janssen te Schinveld, Dhr. H. Iedema
te Brunssum, Dhr. E. Huisman te Geleen, Dhr. De Laat te Valkenswaard and Dhr. R.
Eppink te Venlo.  
Who used to be combined many times as Robby as Boy.

 Since 2002  we used Boy, Robby's son for mating.

 Therefore with pride we can say, that Boy
passed on the good qualities of this bloodline.

 Of course Boy was X-rayed and in perfect health.